Shetland Sport Socks


70% Wool from our Heritage Shetland Sheep  blended with 30% Nylon.

Hand made on my antique circular sock knitter.


...right from the farm

I make these sturdy sport socks with yarn custom spun with wool from our heritage flock of Shetland Sheep, blended with 30% nylon for added durability. The wool is undyed and is naturally processed using only mild detergents – no harsh chemicals for scouring and no chemical superwash treatment.

On shearing day the fleece from each sheep is ‘thrown’ on the skirting table. I ‘skirt’ the fleece (pick off the poopy parts, second cuts, bits of hay) while the shearer shears the next sheep. I put each fleece in its own bag where it stays until I do a second, more thorough skirting when the busyness of shearing day is past.

I send the skirted fleeces to a mill where they are washed, cards, spun and plyed into yarn. For the yarn I use to make these sport socks I have the mill blend in 30% nylon for extra durability in the yarn.

I knit the socks with an antique 1850s hand cranked circular sock knitter and I seamlessly weave the toes closed. The knitter is entirely hand operated. (In my picture the treadle you see is the base of an old sewing machine, from which I made my work table.

I machine wash on Wool Cycle in small load warm/warm,  and hang or dry them flat. No bleach. No dryer.  Some folks prefer to hand wash their wool socks. I find the newer generation of washing machine to have gentle enough cycles – the key with wool, for me – small loads and no sudden temperature changes – for me, I use warm/warm.

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