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Qiviut Socks

Qiviut - also known as Qiviuk - the supersoft down of the Muskox - softer than cashmere and the warmest of all natural fibers.

I knit humanely harvested Alaskan Qiviut blended with other fibres into a sockyarn with my hand operated antique sock knitter .

  • 35% Qiviut 40% Merino 15% Bamboo 10% Nylon.

Since Qiviut is extremely soft and warm - why not 100% Qiviut Socks? Simply put, they wouldn't stay up. The Merino  gives them some elasticity. And the nylon enhances durabiltiy.  Bamboo adds a lustre and additional durabilty making for a sturdier sock.

These are a luxury item and should be worn and cared for as you would Cashmere or other exotic fibre.

Hand Wash in cold/tepid water.  Dry Flat. No bleach.

Qivut Socks L

Qivut Socks L


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